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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

The Black_ink Brithday...

  Happy birthday my friends...!!!On the dated of 1/7/ the day of a life time.Like all
birthday occasion we also a special present to give to him..but in our manly tradition of brother hood
we have other set mind of present and it called  as Ktt bommers  attack... ...

  During daylight is the time make all preparation for night events ...when i mean the words of preparation its include a nest of chicken eggs, a few packets of flour,a bottle of chili SOS and mayonnaise and mostly a set of black Chinese ink....and lastly text message to all friends that
who wanted get their dirty against Black( our birthday boy of course)..While at night will be the main
events...why you asked that we conducted it during at late night..just said that at night we wont bothered the neighbor so much...with the yelling,laughing, running and others ways to annoyed the neighbor...

    We started to organized the attack at 11.00 pm....invite our victims at 11.30 pm....making him
a bit off guards by having conversation with him...we divided into two groups the decoy and the 12.00 pm we gathered all the arsenal the attackers waits for the signal to attack from the decoy group..precisely on 12.07 pm we launch a massive attack..first was throwing  the main
the main weapon..high speed chicken eggs..than followed by rained of the victim try to outrun
the bomb range..the decoy team become the capture team..surrounding him and chasing him while
thev attacker ready the main course...a bucket filled with water and Chinese ink.. as the victims was
distract with the capture team..the attackers team poured the bucket into him....he was soaking wet..
while for the last attack..was the mixture of chili sos and mayonnaise...the result well..just said that
after attack him with that deadly mixture he ran like Hussain Bolt to find some water...

    What night to remembered...the events was lasting for almost 3 hours...although its very tiring and very not matured.....but still its very memorable night for all us...lastly to our friends Black..dudes you
birthday was the us..hahahahahha...

           P.s: On my birthday i gonna plan to skip ran away from them for a while..

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