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Thursday, 16 June 2011

The Falling Mind.....

Today i and maybe a million more Malaysian today in a grief....why..?

  According the today news broadcast....the main title was the death of six month old baby has been
deserted at garbage disposal,founded chopped into 8 bloody pieces......but still missing of the right arms
to been believe being a meal for street dog..

  My words toward those that kind of people is monster,killer,butcher,slaughter insomniac, and most
of all airhead.What were they thinking when they was slicing that innocent soul into chunks of meat..?

 Although that we have to look forwards today society,where ignorance can be found anyways...
Among young and old,poor and rich or even the dumb and genius.We forget who we are to our self and others because today our society have been brain wash by bad example from outsider culture..
The way we dressed,eating habit,conversation language and even social boundaries..Speaking about social boundaries it always targeted the teenagers todays...

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